About us

innovation and continuous development in high tech lubrication

Our business views

Metalubs means, above all, innovation, continuous development and responsiveness in relation to each of our stakeholders. And because the main brand we produce and sell is in fact the wide range of lubricants which has the same name – Metalubs, our philosophy is in complete harmony with all the elements of a business that tends to global development.

From manufacturing processes to product management and global expansion strategy, we never lose sight of quality standards, safety and, of course environmental global regulations.

One of the main elements of the company’s DNA is innovation in reducing energy consumption. This is one of Metalubs interests resource management, whether of solid heating fuel, vehicle or equipment and production lines

Global partnership developement

The vision and development programs of Metalubs are diversifying in several business segments: Metalubs brand development for the most active and prominent Asian markets, promotion and strategic location in Southeast Asian markets, developing an efficient distribution network to serve these markets. The principles of management units in our brand placement on Asian markets are based on appropriate marketing of Metalubs products and related services that we will provide to our partners. The fundamental principle we follow is the Metalubs placement in dealing with industries for whom our products are targeted. Our potential stakeholders and partners: – retail networks – automotive industry brands – companies and conglomerates in the construction industry – companies and land holdings and related disciplines – transportation industry – logistics companies – auto parts distribution brands

Productivity & fiability

Fluidity and continuity of processes and management, especially in the production, transport, construction, agriculture or in the Public Works is one of the most important objectives of managerial activity. Any organization or institution cannot afford to ignore the rigors of assuring the free flow of production processes. Regarding the services market, especially in the field of road constructions, railroads and sea ships, Metalubs ensure the adaptability and versatility, the best programs to optimize consumption and extending service life.

Reducing the consumption

Among the most important elements measuring the technological processes are the coefficients consumption and wear and the best way to manage these constants. Therefore, each technical department and each of our customers benefits of our maintenance procedures which can be amplified by implementing our global lubrication programs.

This will be implemented in collaboration with the departments mentioned above following the necessary procedures and techniques to reduce friction for equipment and vehicles where mechanical stress shortens operating times and affect the production flow.

Structural advantages

Communication and marketing programs are the main ingredients in our development strategy. Because our DNA is deeply based on technological breakthroughs, continuous communication with partners and stakeholders is part of our vision for the Asiatic market.

Communication Key points:

Online Information Centre – www.metalubs.hk 24/7 assistance for our corporate partners

Technological training programmes & Seminars

Marketing strategies

Positioning & advertising campaigns


The main characteristic that manages any transnational company is, whithout doubt, the teamwork. Therefore, in the center of Metalubs identity, the teamwork plays a vital role in fulfilling the goals of our organization. Our corporate culture is essentially one that takes into account each of our colleagues, the professional and personal development of each one of them. Because, in an hyper competitive environment, the most important asset managing long-term development of our business is the people, their skills and their constantly evolving force.