Assistance for the best technical efficiency

Metalubs Support Service is intended for medium and large companies that implement diversified lubrication programs whose difficulty can cause delays and irregularities of use. Therefore, Metalubs stands besides our partners regarding the understanding the operation and use of our products to full capacity.

Implementation Steps

In this regard, technical assistance consists in segmenting the following steps for implementation:

1. With the delivery of products, our engineers will study together with the technical department and /or maintenance of our customer all the technical parameters and manufacturer’s recommendations for each model of vehicle, machine or production line.

2. Implementation of lubrication programs in respect with the proportions, degrees of dilution and consistency deployment environment, optimum temperature etc.

3. Feedback – obtaining post-implementation indicators, performance observation and comparison before and after Metalubs usage.

Indicators and after-sales service

Regardless of implemented programs, an extremely important fact is the consumption probe before and after treatment and also the measuring of the efficiency percentages which can be expanded according to fine tuning parameters.

Our technical department has great after-sales service which will provide you all the support throughout the contract. Also, our clients benefit from our online and telephone support services.

Also for understanding all Metalubs aspects of functionality range, please refer to section Information Centre.