sales & after sales assistance regarding product usage


Instruction and training at Metalubs premises or at our beneficiary's corporate headquarters


We implement the specific programs targeted to the technical necessities

24/7 Assistance

On every program we are willingly to respond in real time regarding the technical parameters.

Management & technological principles

The fluidity and the continuity of processes and management, especially in the production, transportation, construction, agriculture or in the Public Works is one of the most important objectives of managerial activity. Any organization or institution cannot afford to ignore the rigors of assuring the free flow of production processes.

Regarding the services market, especially in the field of road constructions, railroads and sea ships, Metalubs ensure the adaptability and versatility, the best programs to optimize consumption and extending service life.
Among the most important elements measuring technology management processes are coefficients of consumption and wear and how to manage these constants.

In this context, each technical department and each of our customer’s maintenance procedure can be optimized by implementing our optimization programs. This will be implemented in collaboration with the departments mentioned above following the necessary procedures and techniques to reduce friction for equipment and vehicles where mechanical stress shortens operating times.

Therefore Metalubs is not only our products dealership but a complete package of services in the sale and post-sale.